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The big day is Saturday!

Today’s the day this long white dress leaves my studio and goes home with the bride! Since my last post I’ve been sewing up a storm and learning a TON. From researching more expert seamstress tips to perfecting the pattern for Anna’s body, it’s been three weeks of fun! There have been a few steps along the way that marked the first drawing’s evolution, but all in all the dress has come to fruition with the vision that we started with. This is the first wedding dress I’ve made, and the time spent with the bride and in my own process has been so rewarding.

On Sunday Anna came to my studio and spent several hours being patient as I pinned, sewed, and tried the final garment construction. It was a really amazing afternoon of time spent not only finishing her dress, but having those last minute talks that you inevitably want to have just days before getting married. What a fun way to spend time with a friend in the week coming up to the big day. I know we’ll both cherish these conversations and precious moments spent together creating a dress for a happy day!

In respect for Anna’s wedding and keeping the dress somewhat hidden until she wears it, I’ll post a few pictures of the construction. And after Saturday, I’ll post photos from the ceremony and party …and maybe a couple of just the dress 🙂 ImageImageImage


2 comments on “The big day is Saturday!

  1. Eliz
    July 19, 2012

    Wow, how exciting and wonderful! I hope the weekend is a total blast, and I can’t wait to hear and see more!

  2. leanna
    July 19, 2012

    OOh. Excited to see the full finished dress! Congrats on your first wedding dress.

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