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Graduation is weeks away…

I know that everyone says graduating from college is a big transition, but you don’t really understand what that feels like until you’re there. In the last couple of months I’ve decided I needed to move houses, move in with my boyfriend, move to Charleston to live in a vacant house for free rent, move to a hut in the woods, search for a new studio space, find a studio mate, send in applications for a part time job, substitute teach, full time teach, create a winter line of clothing, finish a dress I’d been looking at for months …..all while teaching k-5 grade art 5 days a week. So as you can imagine, I pretty much exhausted my headspace. However, in the last week I’ve completed my student teaching and as of last night all the ‘evidences’ (a bunch of writing) to get my art teaching license,  and I have actual time and space to think all of these decisions through. And….I realize that I don’t need to move anywhere, or make some big career change. I guess I’m just one of those people that needs to come up with a lot of options, and then choose what I really want. I mean, if you don’t come up with what you want, how can you attain it? I call it day-dreaming scenarios. However, thank you to those of you who listened to that cyclical brainstorming. I’ve run around in circles and am back to where I want to be with the contentment and excitement of getting ensley designs off the ground and running!

It’s so easy for me to slip into the “if only i had ___ I could really get going” mentality.  So I’ve been transforming my living space, getting organized, and figuring out the most functional way to create inside of the house I already live in.  And it’s working! My mom, using her professional and amazing interior decorator self, has come into town several times and helped me shift fabrics and label boxes, move my work table around the room countless times, and find a place for almost everything.  My dad, using his professional mechanical engineer  ‘loves to have a small machine to work on’ self, has taken the machines that I purchased for my studio and made them work and look like new (well better than new, since all the new machines are plastic and mine are hunks of metal!). The pile of projects half-finished has diminished significantly in the last week, friends have come over and had sewing nights with me, I’m getting used to my new machines, I’m starting to think about new dress ideas, all in a wonderfully designated space of my home!

While I’m graduating in a few weeks, and it is a big transition, I’d say with all the lovely people that are around me I’m better off than the typical student leaving a liberal arts college 🙂 I’m so happy to have a degree in teaching art to kids, reaching this goal that I set for myself, and starting down the path with a new goal in mind: I want to make beautiful, specialized clothing for people that want to dress themselves differently, dress themselves in a way that speaks to who they are as an individual.

charcoal self-portraitThis is a charcoal self-portrait drawing I made a few years ago. I think it captures the feeling I’ve had about these next few months pretty well 🙂


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This entry was posted on November 19, 2012 by in Transition.
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