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setting up shop

an image of my spool set-up

an image of my spool set-up

Things are really coming together in my studio! While organizing is a constant process, at least now everything has it’s own place. It’s amazing how great it feels not to have miscellaneous objects all over my work table every time I sit down to work. It’s been a slow accumulation of the specific parts coming together, but my space feels complete!

A friend and I were brainstorming about how to maximize my space when I first started moving things around. My work table is a height where I stand to use it, so there is lots of potential storage underneath. However, because it was pushed up against one of the walls I couldn’t really easily access all that was under there. She suggested building a wheeled cart-like bookshelf that can be rolled around the space and stored under the table when not in use. I kinda rolled my eyes and thought, “yeah, you’re right…but when will I have the time to build that??” For the last few months I’ve casually looked for something that fit this description. And it usually looked like an island-like rolling table-surface, fancily designed for the kitchen and included a hefty price-tag. The conversation I had with my friend about building something similar kept surfacing in my mind, and I kept holding out for the perfect find.

Well… last weekend I went to my favorite estate sale and I found (for $4!!) my rolling-bookshelf-cart!!! It fits directly under my work table, and rolls out to store the usual things I need when working–Iron, seam ripper, pins, current project, pattern paper, etc. I’ve moved my work table out from the wall, and into the middle of my flor. So it’s accessible from all sides, which is essential when wanting to print some yardage of fabric. And it’s all clear of my typical clutter!

The other part of organizing that’s gotten me so excited is my new peg-board for my larger spools of thread for the industrial machines. I had this idea, but just last week put it all together! This is a pretty simple solution for thread, but so important to be able to see the colors I need, grab ’em,and start serging. It makes small and big projects seem less daunting to have all my tools easily available and aesthetically pleasing to look at!


One comment on “setting up shop

  1. Asia
    December 3, 2012

    So serene!

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