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The Makery Project

The Makery

I just started my shop, EnsleyDesigns, on Etsy! I’ve been rolling ideas over in my head for a while knowing that this is a great way to initiate sales, start a small online business, and overall get my name ‘out there’ more. So I featured my lingerie first, thinking “I have these done! And gorgeous photos of lovely ladies wearing them to boot, so I may as well put them up!” And to my surprise and excitement, I was contacted almost immediately by the Makery Project.

This project was funded by Kickstarter when three sisters put their heads together in an effort to help local artists sell their creations. These three decided there needed to be a platform for all the amazing art produced by NC artists. Each week an artist’s story is told and her handmade goods are featured at wholesale prices. This provides PR for the individual and gets her name out to around 1500 new people interested in handmade and local artists!

So naturally, I was really excited to be asked by them to feature my lingerie for a special Valentine’s Day sale! This sale will go on from January 29-February 12 at their website. You register with them (name and email) to be able to view the sales–so go ahead and do it now, and you’ll be all set for the Valentine’s Sale!

Support the Makery Project if you value local, handmade, beautiful items at the ease of an online shop. All of the sales go to the artist, and The Makery even pays for their shipping!


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