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How you fit in them jeans, Tutorial

I have one favorite pair of jeans. I’m sure you can relate. And I would have more except it’s so hard to find ones that fit! So naturally when they start to wear thin, I begin to stress about where I’m going to find my next pair.

Last week I found a pair that fit pretty well, and let’s be honest, they were a pair I could afford–so I bought them. But yesterday I spent about an hour altering them and now they fit great! So for all of the ladies out there that have similar woes, here’s my little tutorial about how to make your jeans look amazing on you!

And of course I have to add that this post wouldn’t have happened without my dear friend singing to me, “Damn girl, how you fit in them jeans? Cuz your waist so small and your ass is like woah!” Thanks for that.

Here’s what I started with. It’s pretty much like this every time I try on pants. They’ll fit around my bum and thighs, and then they are just too big around the waist.  I end up with this gap in the back, and ultimately my pants start to slide down as I wear them. jeans1jeans2

It’s pretty much like this every time I try on pants. They’ll fit around my bum and thighs, and then they are just too big around the waist.  I end up with this gap in the back, and ultimately my pants start to slide down as I wear them.

1. So first things first: Get your handy seam ripper or little pair of scissors, and take out the bottom seam of the waist band. You only need to go about 3/4ths of the way to each side. Where my seam ripper is in the picture below is where I started and went all the way across the back to about the same place on the left.


IMG_1270When you look at the inside, you’ll have to rip some stitches out from here too. You want the waistband to be completely detached on the back of your jeans.

IMG_1274IMG_1275The last part of detaching the waistband is taking out the stitches from the center-back belt loop.


2. Now on the right side of the jeans, measure about 3.5-4 inches out from the center back on either side. This is where you’ll be adding darts to take in the jeans.



3. Turning your jeans over, and looking at the inside, you’ll pinch the jeans about 1 cm on either side of the pin. Place a new pin here, so that you now have the beginning spot for your dart. The end point of your dart will be at the yellow seam. jeans3

4. Darts are pretty simple sewing, but I’ll just give you a few tips incase this is your first time. Darts are basically triangles of fabric. You stitch a diagonal line, where the end of the diagonal comes to a point. jeans4

I usually pin at a diagonal to remind myself which way I’m going to sew. Then I place a pin where I want to end.

One of the best tips is to start with a regular length stitch ~3. When you are about 1in from the end, change your stitch length to something smaller ~1.

Another tip that keeps your dart from puckering at the point is: in this last 1in or so  stitch  very close to the folded edge. So that when you end at the point, you are only sewing millimeters of fabric.

Do not back-stitch at the end point. Instead pull out the threads andclip with enough space to tie your own knot at the end of the dart. jeans6jeans5

This is what your 2 darts should look like when you have sewn them.

From the inside:


From the outside:IMG_2285

And you need to press these with your iron on a hot steam setting! You want the little triangle folds of the darts pressed towards the center-back.

5. It’s time to finish your waistband! You’ll notice from the last picture that your waistband is too big now. So we’re going to take that in, but sneakily! You want the seam of the waistband to hide behind the center-back belt loop once it’s sewn back on. Here’s how:

First you want to pin the waistband to the newly darted pants, so that you can see where on the waistband you need to cut it.

IMG_2286 IMG_2288

Cut down the middle. Mark (either with a pen or a pin)where the waistband should come together  Take out the pins that are keeping the waistband attached to the jeans.

Turn the waistband inside-out essentially. To do this, open up the waistband, match right sides together, and sew where you had marked the new seam to be. Turn it back to the way it’s supposed to be. If there is a lot of bulk, you’ll need to cut that seam allowance down. Press the waistband to let it lay flat. IMG_2297jeans9

6. You’re ready to piece it back together! Again pin the waistband to the jeans. If this is a sandwich, the waistband is the bread and the jeans are the filling of the sandwich. This is just to say that you want to make sure your waistband encloses the top of the jeans completely.


Topstitch across the bottom of the waistband, where the old stitches used to be. Make sure you back-stitch over the beginning and end of your new stitches so they are secure to the rest of the stitches on waistband.

Finally, sew your center-back belt loop back to your waistband. And you’re done!!


This is how my jeans looked after making this slight alteration: No more weird gap in the back or loose sides




Hopefully this will help those ladies that hate shopping for pants ‘cuz your waist so small and your ass so WO!’

Let me know if you have questions about this process or need any other tips 🙂


5 comments on “How you fit in them jeans, Tutorial

  1. Eliz
    January 30, 2013

    Oh my gosh, this is an excellent tutorial–great idea and your follow through is much better than what I could muster without help. Great photos, thanks for posting!!

  2. Mary
    January 31, 2013

    Great tutorial. I will be trying this!

  3. Marin Leroy
    February 1, 2013

    You are BRILLIANT, Ms. Molly!!!!! This is so my problem too 🙂

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  5. sctvgirl
    April 29, 2014

    Of I send my jeans to you can you do them for me?

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