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Graduation is weeks away…

I know that everyone says graduating from college is a big transition, but you don’t really understand what that feels like until you’re there. In the last couple of months … Continue reading

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Bringing textiles into the classroom

Working in the art classroom in elementary school everyday, I’m racking my brains and doing lots of web searches to find really fun and different art activities to do with … Continue reading

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Clothing on exhibition

  For the final part of my degree, I put on an exhibition of my work in the gallery at University of North Carolina Asheville. My work was a culmination … Continue reading

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Selling at Minx!

        If there’s one clothing shop in Asheville that I love, it’s  Minx! I will walk down Lexington Ave just to peek at their window displays, and it’s … Continue reading

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photoshoot with Paola Andrea Nazati

In the next week, the photographs from my photoshoot with Paola will be ready! I am so excited to share them and start envisioning my website. These next few months … Continue reading

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getting back to work

  So it’s summer, and I just finished my undergraduate degree (save for the student teaching I’ll be doing in a couple of weeks), and while it may seem like … Continue reading

July 30, 2012 · 2 Comments

home from vacation

I’ve made it back to Asheville, and the mountain air reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a great place… though a week at the beach was … Continue reading

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